AMS-IX New York

Connect to AMS-IX New York with their First Official Reseller

From its inception in the 1990s, AMS-IX has enjoyed an excellent reputation of being the peering platform to connect to in Europe; with this growing popularity, it was clear AMS-IX was going to expand into new markets. In 2013, AMS-IX New York launched, and IX Reach became the first reseller of its peering services.

“We are very pleased that IX Reach has also joined our Partner Program in the USA”, says Job Witteman, CEO of AMS-IX. “With IX Reach joining AMS-IX New York, we have managed to engage with a valuable player. They have a very extended network in the USA, which makes it easier for parties outside of New York to connect to AMS-IX New York.”


AMS-IX New York is designed on AMS-IX’s successful and proven European business model. Moreover, it is the only Open-IX certified Internet exchange in the New York/New Jersey area. The partnership enables IX Reach to remotely connect parties to peer at the exchange and enhance their IP service offering on the East coast.

Access switches to the AMS-IX New York/New Jersey peering platform are located in the following data centers – however, as with all our Internet Exchange partners, through IX Reach’s virtual interconnection and peering service, any IXP partner can be reached by connecting your network to any IX Reach PoP.

  • DLR – 111 8th Avenue, NY
  • DFT NJ1 – 101 Possumtown Road, NJ
  • Sabey Data Centers – 375 Pearl Street, NY
  • 325 Hudson Street, NY

AMS-IX New York infrastructure

IX Reach’s virtual interconnection and peering solutions enable network expansion by connecting customers to IXPs remotely, eliminating the need for extra infrastructure, dealing with contractual and legal issues and different technical teams.

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